Accident Claims

How we can help?

Our team can advise you whether you are likely to be able to recover compensation for the brain injury which you have sustained as a result of an accident. The appointment is free of charge and without obligation. If you have a claim, we can seek compensation for your injury, loss of earnings, cost of medical treatment, etc.

We are often able to arrange private medical treatment to run alongside the treatment which you will be receiving on the NHS, asking the insurance company to fund this.

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An Experienced Team of Solicitors

We understand that every thing we do can involve a potential risk. Should you fall victim to any sort of accident, which was at least partly someone else’s fault, consult our experts at Head Injury Helpdesk for advice on the claims procedure. We can give you clear advice, in layman's terms, on how best to proceed, and can help claim for your injuries, loss of earnings, the value of the care which you may require from your partner or relatives, and any out of pocket expenses.

Accident Claims Specialists in Kent

For all kinds of accidents claims, Head Injury Helpdesk can help you achieve recompense. Contact us to learn more about our no win no fee scheme. Our first appointment is without obligation and free of charge.

Road Traffic Accidents

We help you recover compensation from the insurance company of the person responsible for your head injury in a road traffic accident.

Accidents at Work

Recover compensation for your head injury, together with any loss of earnings, cost of medical treatment prescriptions and expenses.

Slips and Trips

If you have a head injury after tripping or slipping, we specialise in recovering compensation for your injuries and medical expenses.

Occupier's Negligence

We can help if you have sustained a head injury which was due to the occupier of premises failing to take reasonable care for your safety.


We feature in the solicitors’ directory of Headway, the leading British charity for people suffering head & brain injuries.


It is very important that you are advised by an experienced solicitor who works in your area, we are based in Kent, and offer home visits

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